Joe Plummer Composes for Antarctic…huh? & Hits the Stage with Mister Heavenly!

Musician, Composer, and all around good guy Joe Plummer plays drums in San Diego tonight (Sunday Dec 5th 2010) with his new outfit appropriately titled Mister Heavenly. The band consists of Honus Honus (Man Man) on vocals & keys, Nick Diamonds (Islands/Unicorns) on vocals & guitar, Joe Plummer on Drums, and Michael Cera (actor of several funny films) on bass. Cera doesn’t play bass on the Heavenly record, but he’s a great bass player and touring with them for the time being. Mister Heavenly shouldn’t be missed because their record won’t come out until 2011 on Sub Pop. They’ve labeled their music “Doom Wop”. From what I saw/heard in Pomona last night it had plenty of hooks and changes that hail back to 50′-60’s sandwiched between tasty layers of sonic scrawl that borrow from of their other bodies of work…with a nice twist. Joe lent us several songs for Antarctic…huh? and one of his tunes is smack-dab right in the middle of our first trailer. You can watch it  ANTARCTIC…HUH – trailer 1 here.

ANTARCTIC...HUH? trailer #1 from Matt Hoyt - Wormwood Films on Vimeo.

Check 'em out!
Matt Hoyt

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